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Product Announcement – BAF to Discontinue Aragocrete Mounts

When Boston Aqua Farms invented the Reef Plug (yes that’s right) we made them out of Aragocrete.  It was years before anyone made coral mounts from Ceramic but today the coral propagation industry is dominated by ceramic coral mounts.  It’s just a better medium for attaching corals, the glues stick better, the corals attach faster, it’s more versatile and for some it is even cheaper.

Boston Aqua Farms regretfully announces that we will be discontinuing production of coral mounts in Aragocrete on December 31, 2016.  We will continue to sell our Reef Plugs and Reef Disks made from the Aragocrete material until stock is depleted but after that it’s all Ceramic all the time, until we come up with something better.  😉



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