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PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT – Coral Propagation Tool Kit

Introducing our new Coral Propagation Tool Kit including all the tools you need for basic coral propagation.

The kit comes with our standard size Stony Coral Cutters, Surgical Scissors, Soft Coral Scalpel and Tweezers.  All tools are polished stainless steel and come in a handy zippered black padded faux leather storage case.

As with all of our high quality stainless steel tools, rinse in fresh water and pat dry after each use and these tools will last a very very long time.

Available at





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PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT – Colored Ceramic Coral Mounts

For years we have been asked to make colored ceramic coral mounts. “Anything but bright white!”
We experimented with a variety of different clay bodies, glazes, colorants and everything we could think of but nothing was quite good enough. The results were either too expensive, toxic or just plain ugly.

I am very pleased to announce that we have finally done it. Not only can we provide “anything but bright white” we can provide just about any color you might imagine.

Colored coral mounts look more natural in your reef tank, hidden by the colors of coralline algae, also, since they are not bright white they do not mess with the white balance of your camera when you take pictures of your frags for sale.

For standard retail packaging we are going to be concentrating on pink/purple and possibly charcoal grey but we are considering a variety of colors and possibly a color variety pack in the near future.

Send us your vote for your favorite color and we will consider it for the list. (Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, whatever you think would work best.)

Also, since we do so many custom coral mounts we went ahead and added color to the list of possible customizations. Want a custom color for your custom coral mount, yeah we can do that.

The added color is very affordable, adding only about $1 to the cost of a standard retail bag of plugs or disks at suggested retail prices.

Look for these exciting new products from Boston Aqua Farms in your local fish store and if you can’t find them there ask them to get them for you.

For larger coral farmers we can offer much larger bulk packs of all of our coral mounts direct from our web site as well, we keep thousands of our standard mounts on hand at all times.

Although black and coralline are our two standard colors we can do many colors as custom items.

Take a look at these great pictures of just a few of the colors we have available.


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Ceramic “Real Rock” Reef Disks

real_rock_disk_2Ceramic Reef Disks molded from real Live Rock. These disks are not simple and flat but instead have a natural rock texture on the top. Corals look better and sell better on natural rock disks.

Available at


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News Flash: New Website! has a new website, again!

After some trouble with our website host our entire website was lost last year. It has been a long time coming but I have finally found some time to rebuild. The new website is being built on WordPress in a sort of blog format so updates should be faster and easier. Things will be changing in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for updates to come.

During this things might be a little bit broken here and there for a while but please bear with us and feel free to let us know ( if you find any problems.


Thanks for your patience in this time of change.

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Coral Propagation Starter Kit

stonykit_mdEverything you need to get started.

Comes in a Soft or Stony version.

Each kit contains;

20 Ceramic Reef Plugs

15 Ceramic Reef Disks

Reef Glue
Reef Glue Accelerator

A Freebie

In addition;

The Soft Kit comes with a Soft Coral Scalpel

The Stony Kit comes with a Stony Coral Cutter


The storage box doubles as a dip bucket to keep your corals happy and healthy during preparation.


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Reef Glue Debonder

Reef Glue Debonder

Quickly dissolves Cyanoacrylate based glues, like Reef Glue, to un-stick stuck fingers and tools.


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Reef Glue Accelerator

acceleratorReef Glue Accelerator

Cures Reef Glue almost Instantly

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Reef Epoxy

Coralline colored Reef Epoxy. Specially formulated for low order and fast cure, this epoxy will not make your skimmer foam like other epoxies will.

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Reef Glue Gel

reef_glue_gel_groupReef Glue Gel

Super thick Cyanoacrylate that will not run at all. Great for large frags.

Comes in 20 gm., 2 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.


The consistent quality, bond strength and support has ‘cemented’ Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue Gel as the best in the industry for many years. Available in a 20g, industry standard tube, it has proven to be the best value for your dollar as well.

Competitive Gel products have been available in 8oz bottles for a couple of years but we feel some improvement could be made.

We are proud to announce that our Reef Glue Gel is now available in not only the standard 20g tube, but now in 2oz and 8oz bottles.

The 8oz bottle comes with a new, soon to be industry standard, no clog bottle top that is (once again) the best in the industry. This new bottle top will never clog, it does not have to be cut to open, glue does not stick permanently and glue flows through it effortlessly with just a squeeze of the bottle.

Look for it at your LFS.

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